Violin Playback: same note on 2 strings, one with gliss


Does anyone have experience with the playback of double stops in string instruments? I include an example of a violin solo piece, where there are two a1 notes, one (sul D) going (with gliss.) from a1 to b-flat 1 back to g-sharp 1, the other a simple a1 (sul A). Unfortunately I have some problems with that:

  1. The dynamics are not played back properly (m. 1 and 2);
  2. The gliss. is not played back
  3. in m.8 (end of gliss) there is only 1 note audible.

The Playback uses Halion 7’s Solo Violin from the HSO (Dorico 4.3.30, Mac 13.2, M2).

What do I have to do to get the most realistic playback possible?

vl a on two strings test.dorico (642.7 KB)

Exchanged file due to grammar error

Independent Voice Playback should work.
(small point. We call them open strings, not empty strings)

“Open String” - yes, I should know that! Sorry and thanks for correcting me! Much appreciated.

But the voice playback does not work…

Anybody an idea?

As Janus says… Enable independent voice playback. (in the Track inspector) (fixes bar 8)
Dorico does not support continuous glissando, only stepwise … (which is partly audible in bar 7… where it goes through a1 on its way to g#)

@fratveno Thank you for your feedback!
I didn’t get that “Independent Voice Playback” is a function I have to activate! It sounded much more like an “assumption” by @Janus

Anyway, I did that, but so far no change: the cresc. in m.2 does not play back. In m.7 I can hear only 1 voice, which is really, really strange.
Also, it seems the whole notes of one voice are played back as short notes. That bahviour remains even when I add things like “ord.” and “arco”…

Do I have to edit the MIDI voices separately now? Or enter 2 dynamics and hide one of them?

Found my mistake: when activating “Playback individual voices” the first voice was set to the “Violin staccato” patch. Changing that to the Combi patch enables the correct playback. Also, gliss can be imitated with an additional pitch bend lane…

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