Violin/String fingerings changing

I do a LOT of work prepping exercises and arrangements for String Orchestra and Mariachi as a high school teacher. Whenever I try to put H3 (high 3) or X4 (Extended 4 on cello) or any similar fingering into the fingering editor, it always gets simplified down to just the number. This is really annoying when I’m trying to finger an exercise for orchestra. I end up either having to go without or use the text tool, shrink the text, then move it closer to where a fingering would be printed. Is there any way to correct this or improve it? I’m a brand new Dorico user, and I’ve only ever used Finale before this, so I’m still getting used to all the options, menus, etc.

Welcome to the form, nhamilton. You can’t add extra characters to fingering: it does indeed only support numbers for string instruments, at least for now.

Has this function been improved? Extended string fingering is such a basic technique it would be really helpful to be able to type “x4” easily in the fingering tool. Also, can fingering be added to multiple notes without having to press ‘Shift+F’ each note? That would also improve functionality a lot. Thanks!

Well, have you tried pressing space?

Is this still the case? I’m working on some student string music and it would be very helpful to add a plus/minus & sharp/flat to the fingering.

There has been no change to string instrument fingerings. I’m using playing techniques for stuff like extensions. However, the ability to do this in the fingerings popover would be welcome.

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