Virtual ASIO device

The scenario here is that I have a software that ONLY supports audio in from a ASIO stream. I am developing a program based on portaudio with ASIO support and can send audio to ASIO. I don’t need to actually listen to the sound (no D/A is needed), but portaudio doesn’t list ASIO as a output device if there is no actual hardware device. What would be the best way to solve this issue without any hardware. Is a virtual ASIO device possible? I have looked at ASIO link PRO, but I rather have a commercial pruduct instead of community based. Am I missing some key insight here? Is it possible to route sound through ASIO without any device?

Jack2 isn’t commercial, but continued support, source code, and all is available where it might not be for ASIO Link Pro.

For now ASIO Link Pro works amazingly well. Who knows for how long though?

In either case, you still might require something like ASIO4ALL to get a clock from hardware somewhere. With jack2 it ‘might’ be possible to get that from some kind of networked audio source over the LAN rather than local hardware. What little I’ve tested jack2 it worked well enough, but wasn’t as simple and straightforward to set up and get running as ASIO Link Pro. I’ve yet to try to get networked streams working with jack2, but it should be possible.

Can it work without ‘some’ kind of hardware involved to at least get a clock signal? I have no idea. It’s worth a try though.