Virtual Audio Cable (64 bit)

Hello all,

currently I’m trying to find an easy to use (“plug-and-play”) Virtual Audio Cable. Something that is configurable with just one single app and from then on can be used in conjunction with all apps (Nuendo or Cubase host + various sample players).

So far I’ve tried VAC Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) - connect audio applications, route and mix sounds
= you cannot listen to your audio stream until you record it first, and then play it back.

Synchronous Audio Router
= pretty easy to set up and it does show up in all apps, but crashes.

Jack Router
= troublesome installing and running (has to be in specific order, which is not handy when an app hangs or crashes)

The question is: does anyone happen to know an easy to use Virtual Audio Cable, with enough cables to use multiple sample players or instances of a player?

Thanks, kind regards

Consider a Dante network, an uncompressed, multi-channel digital media networking technology, with near-zero latency and synchronization using a standard IP network.

Within your computer, you can setup and connect almost anything using “Dante Virtual Sound Card” and “Dante Via” software but at the end you’ll need some Dante compatible hardware equipment as well. Most manufacturers have now Dante-enabled products or options in their catalogs.