Virtual audio cable with a VST endpoint?

Is there any virtual audio cable software with ASIO support and a VST endpoint?

What I want to do is to route some software which has no Rewire to Cubase. I’m talking about Caustic, of course. :laughing:

The method I’d like to use is to open a VST plugin which “receives” the output of whatever software is set use the virtual audio cable as it’s output.

Dependent on how your audio interface is designed, maybe you could do the routing there. Try routing Caustic (which I know nothing about) to a spare output on your interface. Then loopback that output to an input that Cubase can see. Of course for this to work you’d need additional I/O on the interface & it would need to support loopback.

you can easily run other programs audio via loopback recording and just routing into a input.

Apparently I shouldn’t start tinkering in my cute little workshop here when tired. :laughing:

Of course… I wonder why I didn’t come up with this idea in the first place… thank you. :blush: