Virtual Blues

This is my first mix of the new year :smiley:

I used Lounge Lizard, Addictive Drums, VB3, and Amplitube3 to make this track. It’s called “Virtual Blues” because they’re all virtual instruments (see what I did there? ) :unamused:

For those interested the following were used:

Boz Imperial Delay used on lead guitar delay
UAD Studer A800, ATR102, EMT 140
Valhalla Vintage Verb
T-Racks EQ81

nice and tasteful…also good to have a little Santana influence in you.

Soundcloud tells me they can’t access the track.

many thanks ferencz!

sorry about that kevin try I just tried it and it worked (updated the original post too). I never have a problem with Mixcloud but their counterpart Soundcloud gives me a headache when uploading. It times out, says it’s processing, then even after I delete files I still see them in my profile :unamused:

Yeah…like it :slight_smile: partial to a bit of well executed blues guitar…think I’ve just woke the neighbors up :laughing:
and their house is 50 meters away :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Soundcloud can be very weird sometimes, I have regular probs with em myself

good work…Kevin

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Sweet!!! Very happy to read this :slight_smile::):slight_smile:

IMO this is the best recording I’ve gotten to date with an “analog” sound itb

Nice job! Sounds good! :sunglasses:


Thanks for listening and commenting Wim!

So that’s you playing the guitar? Not Jeff Beck? Well done!

Jeff Beck? This made my day :slight_smile: I used to wear out his album “Blow by Blow” but I never made that connection when recording this.

Many thanks Early21!

Very nice sounds good. By the way did you export from Cubase to SoundCloud not working for me if you did.

Thanks skillet! Do you mean like Studio One can upload directly to Nimbit? I was unaware that was an option in Cubase…?

I just exported the mix to my hard drive as an mp3 and then uploaded that to Soundcloud.

Yeah it is at the bottom under post process in the full version of Cubase when you Export Audio Mixdown.

Nice! I’m not at my computer atm. Is this a feature of C8 only? I’m on 7.5

I they added it in CB 6.5.

Very good indeed - another great guitar sound from your virtual amplifiers and lovely blues playing.


Very nice Steven,well controlled and brilliant playing .when you recorded this did you just record a clean with no fx guitar and then add on the amplitube afterwards . :sunglasses:

Thanks plectrumboy and polgara!

I recorded the guitar direct into a mono channel and sent that to a stereo group channel with amplitube inserted.