Virtual Drumline Percussion Maps


I am kind of new to the percussion maps in Dorico and I have a couple questions that maybe someone could help me with. I am using Virtual Drumline to write some marching percussion parts. I added Kontak 5 (16 out) in the play menu under VST instruments. That loaded Kontak and Virtual drumline. I selected Battery Auto (LR) from the multi drop down list and once that was done I was getting virtual drumline percussion sounds, however I don’t use a midi keyboard to type in my notes. I usually do everything with a mouse and the keyboard.

In Sibelius I was able to type in the percussion parts and then go and change the notesheads to create other sounds such as rim shots and cymbal hits, etc. I had a chart that told me what sound each notehead would produce and the number of the note head. Does Dorico have away to print a chart to show me what each sound each notehead would produce (like in sibelius)?

Am I doing something wrong and should I go another route with using Virtual Drumline with Dorico?

I hope I explained everything correctly. I added and example of the Sibelius Percussion Map.


If you select on a note, you can cycle through the percussion playing techniques (shift + alt+ (up/down arrow)). If it is setup as a technique, a rim shot, stick click, etc. should be cycled through. If not, you will have to tweak the percussion map some.

As far as printing a chart that shows everything. At the moment, I have not found such a thing.

I hope this helps some.



I am still having some issues setting up my Virtual Drumline in Dorico. I cycle through the notes like you suggested and it seems right, but the sounds don’t match up. I have a hi hat, but Dut sounds are coming out. When I input in the snare line I get cymbal sounds on input, but brush sounds on play back?

This is what I did:

I loaded up Dorico 2 and the song I am working on.
I went to the play menu at the top and then down to my percussion instruments.
I went to Snare and changed its VST instrument to Kontakt 5 16 out - A - Channel 1 (and then I did the rest respectively with the other instruments)
I then went to the right side and clicked the gear next to Kontakt 516 out and set all the percussion maps to the corresponding maps/instruments?

Am I missing something? Did I do something wrong? Underneath set up, and snare, edit percussion instrument, do I need to change things there?


John is currently working on the VDL percussion maps, and I believe you’ve been in touch with him via Facebook, Nick.


Thank you guys for looking into this for us VDL users. I Wrote the above post before I posted on Facebook. John has been taking information from me so I am glad I can be of some help.


Hi Nick,

I’m finding myself in the midst of writing some music for quint marching drums. I’m curious, have you had much experience in this with Dorico yet? If so, what do you think is the best way to do this? I have the Halion, Garritan, East West and Noteperformer libraries at my disposal, but have not been able to find a percussion map that works for a quint set up. Any help would be appreciated.

There is now a Dorico template for drumline available here:

and also covered in this Discover Dorico session:

Any questions or problems, please let me know, preferrably by email (j.barron at steinberg dot de)


When I open this template and add other instruments to it, it’s automatically adding each new instrument to all the existing drum parts in the Layouts window. Is there a way to make it stop doing that? Obviously I don’t want a flute line on my snare drum part, but right now it seems like the only option I have is each time to deselect each part in the Layouts window.