Virtual Drumline

Will Dorico be compatible with Virtual Drumline?

Although Virtual Drumline, to my knowledge, uses Kontakt Player, which is a VST 2.x plug-in rather than a VST 3 plug-in, you should be able to load this in Dorico as I expect Kontakt and Kontakt Player will be on our whitelist for well-behaved VST 2.x plug-ins.

As for the level of support in the initial release for being able to write directly for all of the drumline instruments on a single stave and have VDL play all of the appropriate playing techniques completely automatically… I’m afraid it’s too early to say at this point.

Obviously in the fullness of time we do want to make it easy for band and drum corps arrangers to write for their ensembles in Dorico, but there is a lot of complexity both in drumline notation and playback, so it will very likely be something that improves incrementally as the application matures.

Kontakt must be on the whitelist - otherwise you would keep some of the finest orchestra libraries, such like BML or 8Dio, locked out :wink:

Surely the best solution would be for Native Instruments to join the 21st century and come out with a VST3 version of Kontakt? :smiling_imp:


Daniel, thanks for the information.

DG, yes, I would think a VST3 version would be a solid solution.