Virtual Electric Bass VST not working properly on Cubase 12

I just purchased the virtual electric guitar VST by Steinberg and the amps and effects are not Displaying correctly. They are all grayed out. I cannot use the amp feature, it is not working. The plug-in seems to play OK in Cubase 12, but when I first went to use it a pop-up appeared saying that I needed to make some kind of adjustments? I’m running Mac Ventura. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thank you,

Steinberg doesn’t currently sell an electric guitar library. Are you talking about Electric Bass?

Yes I am. I meant to say electric bass. It is installed on my external hard drive.

Can you take a screenshot of the pop-up you get? Please make sure that Halion Sonic SE 3 is updated to the latest version. This library uses new features that aren’t available in older versions of HS SE 3.

I don’t know if the pop-up will present itself again. I can try.

This was a pop-up from a problem I had last week. But I believe it’s the same type of pop-up as last week I had a problem loading Ikonika sections and players into Dorico and this came up. This is an old image.

This was the same pop up that appeared when I tried the trial version of Iconica. Could this plug-in be too “Heavyweight?”

If this is the same error message as the one you got, please go to the Options tab and increase the value of the Max Preload option:

This setting caps how much RAM Halion Sonic can use. On most modern systems, this can be safely set to something like 3000 or 4000 MB. You can read more about these options here:

Thank you! I will try this tomorrow!

Hello Romantique,
I increased the Max Preload to 4000MB, everything seems better. I didn’t realize that the effects remain grayed out until you activate them. I’m glad I discovered that. I also did not get the pop-up message after adjusting in the options window so I’m hoping that this is solved. Thank you so much for your incredible expertise!

Here is what the option window looks like now.