Hello everyone, I’m a composer, disabled, I spend my days making music because I can not move me much. I discovered VIRTUAL GUITARIST 2 months ago, and I dream to work with this wonderful plugin, and certainly the best guitar virtual instrument. I ask you to help me to buy the version 2 of this instrument, with its eLicenser key. My financial resources are very important, but I can invest € 150. Thank you very much for your help. Cordially.

Try Virtual Guitarist Iron, it’s almost as powerfull (maybee even better).

OOh yeah, you can first trail Virtual Guitarist Iron and then buy if you like it for 99,= (euros).

A new user pops up and asks for money with his only post - is this some kind of 419 scam?

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i dont think he was asking for money

what i got from it was he doesnt have very much money but he can allocate 150 euro to buying virtual guitarist 2 but he cant find it in his price range


Hello, I do not ask for money, I try to buy Virtual Guitarist 2. I can go up to 200 euros. Virtual Guitarist 2 is unique because it allows you to play several styles of music such as the Gipsy. Iron can he do that? Thanks, have a good day.

Yes Iron can do that, just try the demo, it works for 30 days.

The only downside is that IRON is electric though you can get a pretty clean sound if wanted, it has more styles then VG2 and in the future there are coming more modules.


don’t know wich style of music you are producing, but maybe these Plug In could be something for you too:

The only thing you need for that is the free kontakt 5 player or full Version of Kontakt 5. I own this one too, and belive me it’s amazing.

Peace. :wink:

I use OrangeTree’s Strawberry Guitar for most of my guitar productions. While I know how to play guitar, having a VST on-hand really helps.

Maybe you’d like it rather than VG2? It’s a lot easier to use too. But if you’re allergic to Kontakt, you might not like it.

You may want to try the demo for Strum GS-2 from Applied Acoustic Systems, see here:

Hi Christian

I can sell you Virtual Guitarist 2 with my Steinberg Licence dongle for EUR200 if you are still looking


Hope you will find a good deal because Virtual Guitarist 2 is amazing. Those ujam guitars don’t come close on sound and versatility, trust me I have both virtual guitarist 2 and ujam guitarists.

Also are you on Mac or PC ?
On Mac it’s tricky to get it installed and working