Virtual Guitarist 2 in Cubase 9+

Hi, I would like to understand how to use virtual guitarist 2 with cubase pro 9. I read about steinberg vst bridge but I can’t understand: is this a software I have to download? Which is the procedure?

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Virtual Guitarist 2 is 32-bit only. The last version of Cubase to support 32-bit plug-ins was Cubase 8.5. You can download it from here (in your case, please download Cubase Pro 8.5):
Downloads for unsupported software / Cubase

The Steinberg VST Bridge is included out of the box with Cubase 8.5 and earlier. Additionally, you can install the 32-bit version of Cubase 8.5 for maximum compatibility with old VST plug-ins.

To use 32-bit plug-ins in Cubase 9 or newer, you must use a third party VST bit bridge.
“jBridge” seems to be the most popular one, but there are several alternatives these days.

In any case, attempting to run 32-bit plug-ins in 64-bit DAWs may lead to stability issues, which is only made worse by running a recent version of Windows such as Windows 10/11. If you intend to use Virtual Guitarist 2 in new songs, I would strongly recommend looking for an alternative to it, such as TGuitar or MGuitar, which can be loaded by the free Halion Sonic 7 plug-in. Several other companies are also offering guitar plug-ins with either a built-in pattern player (like TGuitar/MGuitar) or come with pre-recorded rhythms (like Virtual Guitarist).

None of them will sound exactly like VG2, but they’ll usually offer more flexibility, on top of being significantly more stable in a modern environment.

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I still use vg2 with Cubase 13. I use jbridge which works well. I use it very little now and have just about phased it out rendered my old projects. I do however find that it will do something my other guitar vst instruments won’t.