Virtual Guitarist 2 on ebay!!

Wow! Who knew!

I was hoping to see if I could find some place to purchase Hypersonic2 XXL.

At that price for Virtual Guitarist I guess I won’t be able to afford it.

By the way … isn’t it ridiculous that Steinberg and other don’t continue to sell licensed versions of their older software?

Sure, there’s the latest and greatest … but a lot of people might prefer the older things at the right price.


I think Virtual Guitarist 2 was the greatest and best soft instrument so far. no wonder it went for $720!
I don’t know what’s holding steinberg to realease alternative virtual guitarist. I know that it was partially made by wizoo and maybe there is a license agreement that steinberg shouldn’t copy the idea of virtual guitarist…
If Steinberg only made Virtual Guitarist 3, I wish