virtual guitarist 2 on mac os 10.6

hi there ! Does anyone knows about virtual guitarist 2 on mac os 10.6 ? I actually run it in with cubase 5.5.2 on xp, but intended i really dislike windows 7 which do not support VG2, and intended that cubase 6 is not supporting xp anymore, i really think i’ll switch to mac os. Any idea ?

thanx ! :sunglasses:

Hello Jules,

it will also not work on Mac OS X 10.6.x



It works on my system!

@ Sonik

How have you got it to work on your system, could you give me some details please. I thought I would never get it to work again.


Virtual Guitarist 2 is PPC so it will use the vst PPC bridge in Cubase it maybe that rossetta needs to be installed
for it too work.

When you say does not support VG2, do you mean it doesn’t work correctly or at all? I’ve posted a thread right above yours asking for help in operating VG2 (as the manual is horrible) and its playing just fine on my Win7 Pro system. My problem is understanding how to program original strumming programs and saving those programs. Can you offer any insight on that for me?

VIrtual Guitarist 2 works on my system, Mac OS X 10.6.6 - Cubase 6

Well then, could you offer any insight on how to program the strumming patterns for me. So far, very little is working (Win 7) as it’s described in the manual (which is horrible!).

My sustain pedal is NOT getting me sustained chords. With the exception of moving around the slices, I can’t get any patterns to fit my sequences or lock to any of my tempos. So, unless I use the preset patterns in VG2, the only thing this VSTi is good for is AMP SIMULATION. That’s a loss of half the program, which I find tragic, since the samples sound so good.

I’m getting several messages from other interested parties asking me if I’ve found anything on this subject. So, there is clearly A LOT OF INTEREST! I/we would be grateful for any help you might provide.

I have very little experience in programing in the pattern page, other than tonality and a little cutting and moving. The patten page does not look very logical to me.

hey guys,
VG2 works great in logic 9.1.3 oxs 10.6.7 on my macbook pro 2010 2.4ghz. BUT it doesn’t work on exactly the same system (cloned) and macbook pro 2011 i7. i wonder if it could be hardware issue? or what should i look for to get it working on my macbook pro 2011.