Virtual guitarist 2 on Mac OS X Lion.

I do not dare to install Mac OS X Lion on my iMac, as I understood in several reactions on the internet that VG 2 will not work anymore.
Has anyone any idea if this will be resolved in the future? :mrgreen:

There is no support for VG2 anymore. So there’s no updates to come and fix this.

Is there anybody who can confirm with certainty that VG 2 does not work on Lion?
I know that there isn’t anymore support from Steinberg. :unamused: :question:

The plugin itself works.

The issue is that you can’t use the “Set VG2 Content Location” file since it’s a PPC and not supported anymore with Lion.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry, but what is a PPC? I am a musician, don’t understand that. :smiley:

I’ts a “powerpc” file which is not supported anymore in Lion.

I found out in an Apple forum:
if you need to know how many apps - and which - are powerpc apps, find out by following the procedure here:

that VG 2 is Intel based and not PPC! Does this mean that it might work on Lion? :astonished:

The plugin itself is an intel and can work on Lion. I have the plugin running in Logic with no problem.

The issue is that in order to show the plugin where the sound files you need to run the “Set VG2 Content Location” file and this file is PPC.


I sent this request to Steinberg support, hope somebody is willing to help:

I learned in one of the Steinberg forums that the app VG 2 can run on Lion as it is Intel based.
The only problem is that it will not work properly as the “Set VG2 Content Location” file is Power PC.
Is’nt there really anybody at Steinberg who is able and willing to solve this problem?
I am a layman but I cannot imagine that this is a major problem for your specialists/developers.
I am aware that Steinberg does not support this product anymore but would you please keep in mind that this excellent software costed us a lot of money!
Please help!”

I got a solution from Steinber support:
"Dear Luc,

thank you for your email. I understand where you’re coming from, but please
also note that support for Virtual Guitarist 2 has been discontinued for quite a while now.

However, you can manually edit the path in Lion.

On your Macintosh HD where Lion is installed go to Library -> Preferences and look for
“com.steinberg.Virtual Guitarist 2.plist”

Double-click the file to open it with the Property List Editor.
You should see one entry called “Data Path”. Alter the path to the one where you have installed the content,

/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Virtual Guitarist 2 Content/

Then save the file and close the Property List Editor. Now Virtual Guitarist 2 should find its content.

If you have further questions feel free to contact me/us again.

Best regards,
Sebastian Moench

Steinberg Support."

Does this help?

Ofirkaner confirmed me today that the procedure works! :smiley: