Virtual Guitarist 2?

Is there somewhere I can “legally” get a copy of Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2? If I buy a used copy of said product, will have to pay the seller a $50 license transfer fee so she/he can request that Steinberg transfer the license over to my elicenser dongle?

If Virtual Guitarist 2 is really difficult to find, is there another product that even comes close to what Steinberg pulled off back in 2006?

NOTE: I have been out of the loop for a loooong time due to other commitments/interests.

Best :nerd: ,

Scrubby XXVIII

VG2 has not been available for years, as for the license transfer there is no transfer fee, the current owner of the license transfers it to you either by selling you the steinberg key with it on it and de-registering that key from his mySteinberg account so that you can register the key in yours, or if it is on a key with other licenses that the owner is not selling simply buy a key, register it to you and have the owner transfer the licenser from one key to another via the e-licenser control panel