Virtual Guitarist II update

Just went from SX2 to 10.5 Pro. Can anyone tell me if I have to update Virtual Guitarist II to work with Windows 10 64 bit?

There isn’t. But I use VG without problems with j-bridge in 10.5. Still on Win7 though

Is j-bridge a Cubase function?

no it’s a little “bridge” (x86>x64)soft :

Virtual Guitairst 2 is my favorite virtual instrument, I use it very often. Works fine on windows 10 with jbridge.

I highly recommend jbidge, it’s dirt cheap, but is so useful it’s priceless.

Steinberg were really doing great job back in those days.

Even today Virtual Guitarist 2 is still the most useful virtual guitar instrument for me,
I’ve tried many kontakt guitar libraries, ujam, realguitar, none of them come close to Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2.

can’t get it to work on Mac OSX , it can’t find the library file, I read you gotta edit one of the files manually and insert the library path there, but didn’t figure that out yet

Yes I’m still using with jbridge. I bought a few ujam guitars and bass but still not as good as vg 2. Love the wa wa

Every time I use VG2 I wonder what guitars and gear they used, it sounds so good that many times I don’t even need to record a live guitar.
And this software is pretty old, it’s amazing what a phenomenal job Steinberg and Wizoo have done with VG and VG2