Virtual Guitarist! Virtual Bassist!

I know we are all looking for Virtual Guitarist 2 64 bit. But that has not happend… yet.

But I am using Native Instrumensts Strummed Acoustic and Strummed Acoustic 2, and the 3 plugins from VIrtual Guitarist, Iron, Amber and Sparkle. And yesterday I found this fingerpicking guitarist:

That is a lot of things to replace the original Virtual Guitarist 2. It is not the same thing, but on the other hand, it is quite inspiering to use these different plugins.

Well I dare to say it’s almost the same but the sound (VG Iron/sparkle) sampled is different, after using it a while it is a replacement, in the worst case scenario I will revert back to an 8.5 workstation I have active and render the needed parts with VG2. Meanwhile I get good results to make my pilot project, and if I go any further I will ask a guitarist to play it for me.

Here is a new one. Actually really good!

Steinberg missed the opportunity…

Really like NI Strummer.
Ujam virtual guitarists sound really weird, almost like comb filtering, unusable for me.
Musiclab RealGuitar even sounds better than ujam.

NI strummer tho, beautiful.

It’s been some time since I wrote the “Virtual Guitarist! Virtual Bassist!” topic. I have used the old plug-ins with “32 Level”, an app that converts 32 bit plug-ins to 64 bit plug-ins. And now when Apple has released MacOS 10.15 I will be updating soon. As it looks now, I will loose my old 32 bit plug-ins when I do that. Over the time I have come across many ways to replace “Virtual Guitarist and Virtual Bassist”, like the UJAM VG plug-ins and Orange Tree Samples Evolution for Native Instruments Kontakt. The sounds I use the most are Session Guitarist for NI Kontakt, Electric Sunburst, Strummed Acoustic, Strummed Acoustic 2 and Picked Acoustic, but I am also more and more hooked on the UJAM stuff. I have more, so I am about to be ready to say goodbye to all the old 32 bit stuff. And there is a lot of new inspiration in the new sounds I have got. I am happy - time goes. Thanks to Wizoo and Peter Gorges, Sven Bornemark, Paul Kellett, Steinberg and all the people that took me on the ride of the virtual guitarist. Thanks! :slight_smile:

UJAM virtual guitars sound horrible.
Looks like Steinberg-Wizoo Virtual Guitarists will remain the kings forever

You are right. The UJAM virtual guitars are not as good as the Steinberg Wizoo Virtual Guitarist. There are many other guitar libraries out there but non of them can compare with the original Steinberg Wizoo Virtual Guitarist. But some of them are quite good.

Just seen this again. I have the ujam guitarist plugins but still prefer vg2. I can still use it using jbridge on windows

It would be really nice if Steinberg re-released these super-useful super-great virtual instruments in 64bit VST3 format