Virtual Guitarist! Virtual Bassist!

Well, dear Steinberg people.

Here is my request, and I am sure you have heard it before.

Please do something to bring these instruments up to date:

Virtual Bassist
Virtual Guitarist 2
VG Electric Edition
Virtual Acoustic Guitar
Virtual Electric Guitar

I know some are the same, but I am using all the instruments in Cubase 6.0.0 on Mac OS 10.6.8. and Windows 7.

I sometimes have problem with Virtual Guitarist 2 and Virtual Bassist crashing Cubase. The 3 others are in fact running fine. But I feel I am at the end of the line as Mac Lion is here…

I really can’t understand why you don’t update these great instruments. There is nothing out there quite as good - and believe me, I have been looking, there is nothing!

Please Steinberg!

If it is a license issue it should be solved. If it is a technical problem, no way!

Make a content for the great HALion 4… do what ever it takes! Do something!

I don’t want to loose these instruments.

With lot of love,
Hjörtur Blöndal

Haraldsson, I can’t agree with you more. After all, lets not forget we purchased these fine instruments, didn’t we?
One would think that they would still be usuable. Can we expect Cubase 6 to be trashed in the near future also?
Nothing is forever but at least a few years of usuable service would be great. Lasting reliability evidently is not a slogan of Steinberg. I can’t imagine the excitement if Steinberg upgraded these instruments, can you?

All these products were made by Wizoo in Steinberg name, AVID (Digidesign then) bought Wizoo and suspended/killed the development line for these products. I’ve been asking this for a while now and I know this because I got personally answered when I met Chris on a steinberg-event.

To bad steinberg doesn’t use the idea/architecture behind this, I find this one of the best concepts in virtual instruments yet.

:bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:

I’ve heard this explanation before but it does not really make sense to me as a user… it’s like if somebody explains to me how Virtual Guitarist works… I don’t really care, as long as it works.


Come on Steinberg and Chris… you can do it!

With any luck, we might get these reissued.
If it is, as we suspect a licensing issue it all depends who the rights reverted to when the original maker was bought out - I think it was Wizoo, wasn’t it?
Anyway - if Peter Gorges retained his rights it could happen.

yes that was wizoo which goes to avid “side” & have living avid too now !
so perhaps there is a chance :blush:

+1 for getting my hope up! :mrgreen:

Take some old workstation, set it up with an old version of Cubase, connect by VST-System-Link to your main Cubase 6 DAW and you got all these nice instruments back to your setup !


Ah yes,Virtual Guitarist was something extraordinary.
I’ve never found another guitar vst instrument so easy to use and powerful.
I 'd love to see an upgraded version…

That too, of course.
But on the plus side for a reissue, please note that Plex is now updated & available again.

Great discussion, I’m new to the forum and it’s an awesome place here. Well, I just bought a new unopened version of virtual guitarist (1). I’m wondering if anyone here knows anything about it and if I’ll be able to use it on a current Mac or pc. Im really new to vst and honestly have never used any… I mainly record audio in PT, but am seriously considering Cubase next…I would also like to know if I could buy a used VG2 or find someone that would sell me VG2…

I would like to thank Jeff Deno from Steinberg support for his quick and helpful answers on this matter.

Regards, Nick.

I am using Virtual Guitarist 1 in Cubase 6.0.0 on Mac OS X 10.6.8 and it runs fine.

You will have to download a installer for Mac OS X here:

You can login as guest.

The file name is:

thanks a bunch Haraldsson!!! will do… have a great day.

I have loaded Virtual Guitarist into my Mac OS X 10.6.8 and all seemed good except " Content not found "
What do I do now. Any suggestions I"ve forgotten what to do to load the content and/or where. Can you help
me at all or anyone help me? Thanks loads! I’m using Cubase 6.0.0

[quote=“Jack”]I have loaded Virtual Guitarist into my Mac OS X 10.6.8 and all seemed good except " Content not found "
What do I do now. Any suggestions I"ve forgotten what to do to load the content and/or where. Can you help
me at all or anyone help me? Thanks loads! I’m using Cubase 6.0.0[/quot

I finally figured it out. It’s up and running. Don’t ask me how I got it. I did something and wah-la it was there.

Hi, guys. I have a boxed Virtual Guitarist available if anybody wants one. let me know. thanks.

Bring Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition up to date. That’s the only one I need.

Thanks “harraldsson” for keeping it alive.

Since Cubase 6 is no longer officially supported on XP I’m slowly but surely decorating my new Windows 7 64 bit system. I’m sorry to find it’s tough to install Virtual Guitarist Electric Ed.
The virtual guitarists line are still the finest and most practical go to guitar instruments when as a producer you want to quickly throw guitar at a song.

I was very happy to find a revamp of the steinberg midex 8 for windows 7 64 bit just in time!!

Hi there

I own Virtual Guitarist 1 and VG Electric Edition.

I have found I cannot install them on Windows 7 (64bit) Cubase 6 (32bit)

The VG1 installer simply doesn’t work with W7.

Is there a work around anyone knows about?

I also have an iMac running 10.6.7 so I think I can install them on that system, from reading this thread, but I’d rather have them on my main Windows machine.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


You can find the Virtual Guitarist EE installer here:

It is called: VG_EE_Installler_Update.exe

I installed the Virtual Guitarist from the original CD.

All on Windows 7 (64bit)