Virtual Guitarist2 Blacklisted by Cubase9 works with Jbridge

I have been using Virtual Guitarist 2 for years, but now Cubase 9 has Blacklisted it as it’s 32bit. :cry:

Any suggestions as to a Good replacement for it. :bulb:

I have Native instruments Guitar rig so FX are catered for.


If you like VG2 use jbridge. Small investment and usable 32 bit plugs!

J Bridge as above. A 2nd option would be to still run 8.5 along side 9 for when you need to use that plug-in in a project.

JBridge is your friend here…

I use UJAM Virtual Guitarist, check this website, it’s from Peter Gorges the orginal developer of virtual guitarist 2.
You also get a 20% discount if you own VG2.

Anyway I have a artist license 8.5 which I won’t upgrade and keep it for all 32 bit version plugins I still might need.
My main DAW is C9 and has no 32 bit plugins anymore. Thinking of it, it makes sense to ditch 32 bit vst’s in exchange for stability.

Thanks all for your advice.
Will probably do all the above but eventually get UJAM Virtual Guitarist in the end.
Listened to lot of other software & none seemed as good as the one I have.

UJAM Virtual Guitarist is not as good by a long way as VG2 (I have both) IMHO
Just to confirm VG2 is working fine in CB9 via J Bridge

I am using Virtual Guitarist 2 in Cubase Pro 9 with jBridgeM (on mac) and have no problems.

By the way, Steinberg announces the “death” of 32 bit plugins on 30. June 2016


Thanks all will take a look at Jbridge.

I know we are all looking for Virtual Guitarist 2 64 bit. But that has not happend… yet.

But I am using Native Instrumensts Strummed Acoustic and Strummed Acoustic 2, and the 3 plugins from VIrtual Guitarist, Iron, Amber and Sparkle. And yesterday I found this fingerpicking guitarist:

That is a lot of things to replace the original Virtual Guitarist 2. It is not the same thing, but on the other hand, it is quite inspiering to use these different plugins.

(I am still using Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2 via jBridgeM in Cubase Pro 9)

Virtual Guitarist2 working well with latest Jbridge on Windows7 Cubase9.
Also Phatmatik Pro with a couple of Gui issues when loading a wav.
Just switch to generic view then back to normal Gui & it works.

VG2 working for me also using jBridge. I did try the UJAM but would have to buy them all to replace VG2. Some day I guess I may after but for now this works fine