Virtual Keyboard: How can I get it with Cubase LE AI 9?

Hi all, I have cubase LE AI 9 …
I don’t have a midi controller and am hoping I can use my Mac Keyboard for virtual instruments played with Halion SE. I cannot use a mouse it just doesn’t work for what I want to do.
Is this possible with my version of cubase? Please help me if yes.

If No, could you advise me on the simplest way to be able to start tracking virtual instruments ie: do I need to upgrade to another version of CB? Or should I rather try get hold of an actual external midi controller ?

Thanks for you much needed help

Have you tried opening virtual keyboard as explained in the manual?

I think it is available in all versions.

Hi Grim, thanks for replying … yes I have tried.
Firstly, there is no enable virtual keyboard option when I drop down in the transport panel.
Secondly, in the devices panel. When I click on virtual keyboard or use the shortcut to make it appear. Nothing happens.

I hope you are right that it IS available in LE AI version. However I am still at a loss as to how to get this going?

Currently, I am adding an instrument string track (such as Viola in the Halion Sonic free plug-in) and then trying to activate the virtual keyboard as above, with no success.

Any advice or help greatly appreciated.

Seems there is a bug on all latest Cubase versions. Right click on the floating transport is the only way to open VK.

Thank you. The right click works in bringing up the keyboard.

Many thanks for your help

Thank you guys! Had the same problem here. Right click is the solution it seems also.