Virtual Keyboard missing in Cubase AI 9

I’ve tried enabling the virtual keyboard from two different menus plus the quick key for it and all open the floating transport, not a virtual keyboard player for vst control :frowning:
Am I missing something?

It’s a BUG. I can confirm that in Cubase 9 Pro 9.0.20.
Neither hot key or menu Devices doesn’t work.

I press ‘Virtual Keyboard’ and nothing happens.

You can activate it here, click on floating transport bar:

Oh wow, imagine that! So it wasn’t just me! Thanks so much for the great info and helper pics!
I’m away from desktop ATM, but will try it when back home!

Thanks Soundpeaks! That did work as a “workaround” !
I hope they fix this soon!
Really appreciate the advice and help!

What a time-waste trying to get this working today! Was worried new macbook was playing up.

I will file a report.

Forgot, for Steinberg team view, my original post was on Win 10 64bit.

I’m sorry but my floating transport bar don’t even have the virture keyboard to select. What should I do?