Virtual keyboard not sending midi signal

I’m a super fan of nexus from ReFX, it works perfectly on my portable computer, but on my desktop, there is no signal of midi input in the whole software.
I mean, if I press the QWERTZUIOP keys on my pc keyboard, it doesn’t make any midi input in the Nexus (or even Halion one integrated plugin)
Even with a piano keyboard in usb, no response. :blush:

But what’s strange is with a standalone of nexus (thanks to an .exe in the .dll folder) it works fine

And what’s also strange is I’ve installed Cubase 8 Elements on both my computers, at the same time, doing the same thing :confused:

I don’t understand why, if you have a solution, I would really appreciate



Are you on Windows or Mac? Can you see your MIDI Keyboard in the Devices > Device Setup > MIDI Port Setup? What is the settings of your MIDI track Input? Is there “All MIDI Inputs” selected (the Virtual MIDI Keyboard is routed to this “All MIDI Inputs” port), or dedicated MIDI Input?

More info would be heplfull.

Sorry for the lack of informations, so :

  • windows 7 64bits
  • in the instrument track, I’ve set all midi inputs
  • for now, I’m just trying to make my computer keyboard working (i’ll see in a second time for the piano keyboard)

so it is only the pc keyboard that doesn’t make any midi signal input in cubase

thanks for your help

Thanks for more info.

If you play he MIDI keyboard, can you see the incoming signal in the Transport panel (blue line should jumps here)?

Btw: You always have to plug the keyboard in first, and then start Cubase.

Hi, I know for the pluging before starting cubase, I did it
no, that’s the problem, no blue line jumping…
but in other projects, with same settings, the midi input is working, this is really confusing ^^



OK, so it depends on the project. Weired, the whole MIDI Settings is global.

Could you send some screenshots, please? Like Device Setup > MIDI Device; selected MIDI track…

I have no midi device now because I use the pc keyboard, (so useless screenshot)
but it seems to work some time, and not some other times… not sure why
I’ll keep you tuned next week after a new session on my other computer (week -end) and coming back to this computer (week)


had same problem . I reset the reference folder and the sound came back. I did go through the run from start button. something was jammed up

Hi, thanks for this info,
but what do you mean by “reference folder” please ?
I’m interested in this :wink:


I would say, preferences was ment. :wink:

Try setting the MIDI input on the track to “ALL”.

(You are talking about using your computer keyboard to write MIDI notes, right?).

Virtual Keyboard of Cubase is always routed thru the “All MIDI Inputs”.

Thanks for clarifying!

sory for a late replay . dont know if this helps now ,but I haven’t seen this. I meant prefrence folder. close cubase software ,open start type Run - then %appdata%/Steinberg - when you see cubase that you use ( cubase 7,5 ? )folder just change a latter or the name, for instans : cubase 7,5 to Cubase 7,5 , or cuubase 7,5 , or cccubase …then close it and open cubase software, now the prefrence folder i s reset and hopefully problem solved. you do have to type in every key command ect… again :smiley:

Everything is working fine now,
thanks a lot to everybody for your help !