Virtual keyboard won't work

Hello, I’m on a Mac, and when I activate the virtual keyboard, nothing happens when I press the keys on my laptop. It makes Mac OSX noises like It’s trying to do a key command or something, but no sound is happening from my vst. The virtual keyboard menu pops up like it should, but again no sound plays. Any thoughts?


Open MediaBay and make sure there is no Instrument preset (with on-screen keyboard in the Preview area) selected, please. This one could block the other one.

Can you please send a screenshot of the media bay window? I have no idea what you’re referring to. Thank you.


You can open it by using [F5] Key Command or in the right zone of the Project window.

I know how to open up the media bay, but I’m not sure what to look for or remove based on your initial comment. Thanks

I believe Martin is talking about the keyboard you can pull up in the Preview section of the MediaBay.
Picture from the Manual

The button for the on-screen keyboard is labeled (6) in the above image.

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Virtual keyboard is not working in Cubase 13 it is so annoying. It really stops the workflow. I just wanted to record a melody really quickly. Turns out in Cubase u just have to dig in forums for 2 hours to know how to use the Virtual keyboard. In a 500.- dollar program. Anyway, can someoen explain how i can use the virtual keyboard in Cubase 13 with halion? Its not working by simply press alt and k… do i have to code something?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Does it mean, the on-screen keyboard doesn’t appear at all?

Is the MIDI Inputs port of the MIDI/Instrument track set to All Inputs?