Virtual outputs to enable Quadro


I’ve moved from a desktop to a laptop. On the desktop, I used to implement side-chaining using the Quadro output method. This was possible because I have an SW1000XG card with 6 pairs of outputs.

Now, it’s possible to do by simply enabling side chain for a compressor but I’d still like to be able to implement the Quadro method, for comparison, whilst changing over. My laptop only has 2 outputs so I’m wondering if there’s a driver that can create 4 virtual outputs that will mix down the 4 into the physical 2 outputs?

I’ve googled but can’t find anything - probably down to me not knowing the proper terminology.


Have you tried just doing it…I thought you could use the Quadro group channel regardless of actual physical outs?

I didn’t realise that - i’ll give it a go this evening.