Virtual piano keys get stuck

I like to enter notes with the virtual piano keyboard in the bottom section, using the mouse.
Often, keys get stuck – they stay down, as though they haven’t been released.
Sometimes, a key shows an animation as though it has been struck twice, when it is only clicked once.
My MIDI keyboard is off (although plugged into the computer). No other music software is open.
Just wondering if anyone has come across this? Is it some setting in Dorico that is preventing key-release messages from getting through, or something?

This image shows the outlined keys stuck. The mouse button is released, and no MIDI keyboards are on.
PS Still using Dorico 4, on Windows 11.

I have seen this myself from time to time as well. I think the click areas for these keys can be a little fussy and consequently on occasion the mouse button “up” is swallowed, leaving the key depressed.

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I know this problem from the ipad version. There I thought it might be because the keyboard and the the overlay to close apps are at the same spot.

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Ok. Well, if the mouse events could be tightened up a little so that a mouse-out or blur event or whatever it’s called also triggers a key off, that would be great!