VIRUS ALERT in WL 9.0.15 Pro Installer

Hi, i habe downloaded the newest WL Pro 9.0.15-Update from the Steinberg Website.
My Virus-Scanner say that the Installer have a Virus :open_mouth:

I have the WL9 in 32-bit AND 64-bit installed. The Installer have seen both versions. At first worked the 64bit update correct. As second there comes the virus error message.
The 32bit-Update crashed.

Now i have the WL 64 bit Vers. 9.0.15 and the 32 bit Vers. 9.0.10 on my PC. The programms runs at start.
If the plugins are working, I have not checked.

See the attached Screenshot “Wavelab Virus.png”

My Virus Scanner is the F-Secure Client-Security 12 Build 648 with newest Signatures.

Please check this! Thank you !

You could submit the update installer file to f-secure false positive on their website. That’s what I usually do with my antivirus program. The update file should be small enough. scans multiple engines, all of which except for clamAV found the file as clean
clamAv reported - PUA.Win.Packer.PrivateExeProte-8

Virustotal reported completely clean on 56 scan engines