virus ti über usb hub

hey hey

ich versuche mein Virus ti2 über usb hub anzuschließen. ich hab einen usb hub 3.0 hab aber auch gelesen das der ti 1.1 hat …

benutzt jemand sein Virus übern ein hub den bei mir geht das leider nicht ?!?!?! :confused: :confused:

I run a Virus TI with Cubase but I only speak English.

i try too use it over a usb hub…you have expiriance ? sorry my englisch is not good …

I run my Virus TI through a USB on my motherboard. My motherboard has USB 3, they were problematic. It also has shared hubs, they too were problematic. I managed to find a port that works GOOD most of the time but occasionally i get sync issues, resetting the MIDI helps, stopping and starting too. I came to realise that the USB port, although it doesn’t share with another USB, it was sharing IRQ with the graphics. A lot of motherboards disregard 1.1 USB and don’t give it the priority it deserves, especially for those like us running a Virus TI, totally integrated.

Regardless to what people say… The TI part WILL work but it can take some effort to get it that way. Some motherboards play ball better than others.