Visibility and zones

The Stereo Out is hidden/revealed under the Input/Output Channels entry, although it is actually listed at the bottom under the FX Channels entry. This is very confusing and leads to a lot of extra scrolling when you work with a large project.

Suggestion: Either make a separate entry for Output Channels at the bottom of the list (preffered option) or list the Output Channels under the correct entry.

I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. I didn’t have my coffee though, but I’m not sure what you’re looking at even.

Is this in the mixer? In my mixer’s “visibility” tab all outputs are way at the bottom and all the inputs way at the top. But I don’t see what that has to do with the FX channels.

In the mixer yes. You have to og to the very top of the list to reveal the Output whitch is located at the very bottom of the list. Each time I want to see the Output I have to scroll through 128 channels of inputs ++ to get to the bottom of the list. If I didnt have to open the inputs to see the output it would mean a lot less scrolling. For someone with less inputs in the Project its probably not an issue.

But inputs and outputs are selected separately, aren’t they? When I go to “Channel Types” at the top of the mixer window I get these options:


So once I choose they become visible in the “visibility” tab. This means I don’t need to see inputs to see outputs.

Can you post a screenshot?

Turning of Inputs in the Channel Types definetely did the trick :wink:
Still I think it would make sense tho have a separate collapse/expand button for the outputs. Like it is now, the outputs appear at a different location from the inputs when the list is expanded…

I see your point. I’m guessing the rationale is the signal flow; you’d go from input, then through tracks, groups, fx’ and finally to outputs. So that’s a logical top-down/left-right order I think.

But yeah, perhaps having the ability to collapse them would be good.

Perhaps as a workaround you could see if you could pin your outputs to the right, and then every time you make them visible there they are. It wouldn’t hurt pinning other tracks as well I would think since they’d stay pinned when your outputs aren’t visible.