Visibility Configurations When Adding or Enabling New Tracks

Ok… here’s an issue that has apparently been going on for some time. I’ve been trying to get my visibility configurations working, however, I’m coming across an issue where as soon as I enable a track in my template, the new track appears in ALL of my configurations in both the project view and mix view. It will also unhide any groups that the newly enabled track is routed to. This makes visibility configurations totally useless!

There is a 7 year old thread outlining the problem:


Would be interested in hearing about any work arounds and if Steinberg has any intention of dealing with this…

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The rule is, if there is no “flag” the track is visible in some configuration only, the track always appears in all configuration.

So if you didn’t remove this track from the configurations before you disabled the track, the track will appear in all configurations.

This works as specified.

Thank you Martin…

That certainly helps. Although it’s a chore to go through a 2000 track template, it’s workable. However, it doesn’t address new tracks added while working on a project. It seems that duplicating a track maintains the visibility flag but this is not always the preferred workflow. Certainly a way to lock these configurations or setting the visibility by folder would be helpful for composers with large track counts.

I just tried, duplicating a track doesn’t maintain the visibility flag for me.