Visibility in project window

Can someone confirm that in Cubase AI there is no visibility tab next to the inspector on the project window. It would be so nice to have right now. So would a copy of Pro now that I keep finding AI’s limits

Hi and welcome,

Yes, there is Inspector tab only, no Visibility in the Project window. I would expect Cubase Artist already supports Visibility in the Project window. But I’m not 100% sure. Download a Trial version, and try yourself. :wink:

Such a basic thing cant be added to AI 10. Is this true

Is there a way to hide tracks then in the project window in Cubase AI 10. Be stuffed if I can find one. Cheers

Hey mate. Did you ever find a solution to this as to hide tracks in Project window. Cheers


No, there is no way, how to hide tracks (in project window) in Cubase AI.

The only workaround would be to move the tracks to the Folder Track and collapse the Folder Track.