Visibility in the Project Window: Show Tracks with Data between Locators PLUS Group Channel Tracks with Automation Events between Locators

I use Show Tracks with Data between Locators all the time (in the Project window, not the MixConsole).

I also use group channels all the time.

When these group channel tracks have automation events between the locators, I want them to become visible too, in addition to the tracks with ‘data’. Because this automation is related to the tracks with data and relevant to the section of the project between the locators.

Is there any way to accomplish this?

Currently, when you use Show Tracks with Data between Locators, tracks with only automation events but no ‘data’ (like automated group channel tracks or fx channel tracks) will become hidden.

It would be a huge workflow improvement if ‘data’ also included automation events instead of just audio and MIDI events.

Another way to describe/approach this functionality would be:

Show Channels that are Connected to the First Selected Channel (as available in the MixCOnsole), but applied to ALL selected/visible tracks (and also available in the Project Window).

I have tried the PLE, but to no avail.

This does not work:

This works, but then there is no way to actually select the tracks with the selected automation events:

FYI, I’m on Cubase Pro 9.5.

Has there been any further updates on this? I have the same issue in Cubase 12