Visibility of "Hidden" audio tracks (Cubase 11)

I have two audio tracks. When I display the shorter one in the editor the other one appears behind it. Even if I “hide” it in the Visibility tab it’s still there. The short one is the only one listed in the “Selected Audio Events”. Why am I seeing both of them?

Also, if I’m planning on doing a Project > Tempo Detection on this track. Is Cubase smart enough to only do it on the “visible” (in this case the short) one?


There is the drop-down menu in the Sample Editor, where you can choose, which Audio Event is in focus. You can find it in the toolbar on the right side.

OutNov152023# is showing on the screenshot.

Sorry, they both had almost the same name, so I changed the one I don’t want to “Orig” to eliminate that confusion and updated the screen shot. Changing the name didn’t fix it.


Sorry, In not worth Cubase right now to send you a screenshot where to click. Did you click the drop-down menu, please?

Yes, the dropdown menu only has the short one. I’ve updated the screen shot to show this.