Visibility of tracks in mixer and groups in timeline

I notice that layers, stacks and timeline tracks are not visible in mixer… it should be pretty having the visibility of these in mixer (obviously hiding them by type in visibility panel) to manage the complete mix! (also: maybe it’s something I didn’t find, but once I have inserted an instrument into a midi track in the timeline how do I set the main output?).

Another Think is the visibility of groups in timeline, up to now I understand it doesn’t make sense, but once implemented automations them should be visible to automate volume, pan, insert, solo, mute, monitoring and so on!


after you have created a default project, you should see a “HALion Sonic SE”, a “Song 1” and a “Stereo Out” channel.

#Layers : The HSSE channel is the one from your layer.
#Tracks : Please create a MIDI Track with a Retrologue instrument. In the Mixer press the "e"xtend button of the “Song 1” channel. There you see the a MIDI and a Retrologue channel. You can route the Retrologue channel on top of the channel.
#Stacks : Please create a Stack and name it “MyStack”. In the mixer you should see a Stack channel named “MyStack”.

… and thank you for the hint for the automation. It’s on our list.

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Super! Thank you so much!