visibility selection scrolls up the visibility track list

Hi, I would like to report on a small yet annoying usability thing - in the left part of the project window I can select the “visibility” tab where I could see the list of tracks and control whether they are currently displayed or not. If the list of tracks is larger than what could fit into the screen a scroll bar is provided. So far so good. Now suppose I scrolled down a bit and selected a specific track to be displayed. As a result, the track is indeed displayed. However, the entire visibility track-list completely scrolls up. So in a use-case where I just go over the tracks (in the visibility track list) and decide which one to show, one by one, it becomes extremely annoying as every time I select such a track I completely lose the context and need to re-scroll down until I reach the point I were at (as well as need to locate exactly where I was). Very annoying and seems easy to fix.



Do you mean in the Project window? It works to me here. The Visibility tab doesn’t move/scroll when I click to any track there, to select it.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Could you make a short video-screen capture and share it, please?

Hi sorry for the late response (missed your response) - yes it’s the visibility area of the project window. If you scroll down to a track (scrolling down the visibility area) and select it (i.e., left click on the track name inside the visibility area) then indeed the problem does NOT happen. However, if you scroll down to a track (inside the visibility area) and just click on the “V” icon to toggle it (i.e., enable or disable the visibility) without selecting it, then the annoying scrolling happens…


  1. Add 500 tracks.
  2. Open Visibility panel.
  3. Make sure 1st track is selected.
  4. Scroll down in the visibility panel to track 450.
  5. Disable visibility of track 450 (just click to the check-mark, don’t select it).
    => The Visibility panel scrolls up to the currently selected track.

The Visibility panel doesn’t scroll.

Do I understand you right?