Visibillity wishes

Cubase has several functions that shows tracks with data in cycle, at cursor position, but I want to be able to hide all tracks WITHOUT data in bar range 1 to 999! I have created this set-up, but it doesn’t work! Why not?

I don’t know if bar range is necessary for you or if you just try to catch any possible events. In the latter case maybe you can go with this one:

Yes bar range is important because I have a lot of MIDI information in the range from -5 to 0 to control a set-up on a VEPro server. And I don’t want them to show up.

Understood. Well, your settings don’t work because you target tracks that have a musical position. However, a track is just “there”. What you need is to tell Cubase to target tracks, whose events are in certain positions. Unfortunately it seems that this is currently not possible.

If you could use the PLE to select all events between bar 1 and bar 999, you could then implement this key command as post-process:

Yes That worked fine. Thanks a lot!

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