Visibilty confusion

Sync visibility between project and mixer would be wonderfull. But maybe somebody can explain why I can’t get it to work for me.

  • if you have created some visibility configurations, every new track is visible in all configurations. All configurations must be updated. Why not only adding it to the current configuration and do an update?
  • with instrument tracks only the main outputs become visible. All extra instrument output audio channels do not seem to sync visibility in the mixer.

Would sync visibility with rack instruments be better? Or are there more problems with visibility and sync project/mixer?


Visibility is linkable. In the project windows’ inspector tab do a right click somewhere on top, there you’ll find ‘sync mixer/project’.

New tracks in all configs = accident/by design. It is how it works at the moment and should be changed IMHO.

Changing the visibility behavior for new tracks is the difference between unusable and usable. With the current behavior you can’t add tracks after doing all visibility configuration which is not workable.

The visibility behavior is better when you use rack instruments. I think because all audio lanes are now separate tracks in the Project window. With the right naming of tracks its now possible with Project Logical Editor to fix things quickly.

The disadvantage of rack instruments is that you can change the name in the rack, but NOT in the track. This makes it harder to relate tracks with instruments if you use a VST more then once. With instrument tracks you can change the track name which reflects in the rack and make it a breeze to follow the signal path to the specific VST.

Another thing about the Project Logical Editor is when you only want to show (visibility) common tracks you first have to hide everything and then show what you want to show. It seems that this can’t be done in one (Project Logical Editor) single pass.

My strategy now is:

  • Do not use instrument tracks :frowning:
  • Create as many midi/audio/grp/fx/vca tracks as needed (to avoid destroying visibility configuration when adding instruments/tracks).
  • Rename tracks them during the creative process adding an unique tag in the name (BA_ for bass, LE_ for lead, DR_ for drums etc.)
  • When organization is needed, select/create visibility configuration, use the Project Logical Editor to hide all tracks, again Project Logical Editor but now show all tracks with distinctive tag (BA_ etc) and save/update the visibility configuration.

Not the ideal situation, but workable.