Visibly Applying Auto (Batch) Fades To Track

Alright, getting the Cubase basics down and seeing the last few pieces where Protools editing excels and trying to see how those things work in Cubase world.

In PT there is a batch fades option, which is incredibly easy to use and makes adding fade ins/outs on a track that has many separate audio events a breeze, esp when doing finally editing cleanup on a project. You simply select all of the track and it’s individual audio events, use the hotkey and fades are applied to the beginning and end of each audio event.

I think I understand this as working on a track or the whole project in the inspector menu auto fade option. But, it seems to audibly apply the fade, while not making fade regions on the beginnings/ends or crossfades of each. Am I correct in my understanding?

Most importantly, is there a way to make the fades visible and “applied” to each track or is this just something you get used to in Cubase?

Sometimes you want to verify that the autofade has indeed been applied properly by scrolling through visually rather than listening to each fade in/out/crossfade.

Thank you for your help.

Hi there

Not sure about batch fades but just selecting all the required regions and applying a fade in/out to any one of them does the whole lot. Use that all the time.

Best Regards