Visual feedback of moving objects in Atmos renderer (3-D)

I am aware that most users will not care about the fulfillment of my wish.
But as I just worked with Fairlight (DaVinci Resolve) again:

I would like to see visual feedback of the objects in the Atmos renderer. And as a room view in 3-D.

I don’t like Fairlight that much. I also don’t like the design of the renderer very much. But that the objects move through the virtual space following their automation, I like that a lot. I would like to see that in Nuendo as well. It’s very helpful in certain situations to get visual feedback of your work during playback. (In Nuendo it can happen from time to time that objects cover each other because of the lack of three-dimensionality.)


To add to what was written above: I am aware that the Atmos renderer in Nuendo also moves the objects. But only in a flat view (from above). In my opinion, that is not enough to get a real impression of what is happening.

If you don’t know the view in Fairlight, feel free to compare it:


(Fairlight’s “Space View”)


Other world!


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