Visual feedback when saving

In windows, it would be nice when hitting ctrl + s to save that the mouse icon temporarily changes to the spinning circle, to give a feedback that the project is saved.

I’m not sure that means “the project has been saved”, but rather “the program is busy doing something”. On fast, modern systems, saving may not be slow enough to produce this.

There may be other ways of telling that the file has been saved. For instance, on Mac, the document icon in the title bar is dimmed when there are unsaved changes: saving ‘undims’ the icon. Windows may have something similar.

I did wonder about that. When I save in cubase, the mouse does change. Ok fair enough…

Some apps also put an asterix next to the project title when the file has changed. A quick glance to see if that’s still there would show you haven’t saved?

Dorico puts an asterisk next to the title, at least on Windows.

This is a slightly different request, but it would be nice if there was an indication (e.g. a “busy” mouse cursor) when Dorico was doing an autosave. For very large projects, save and autosave can take several seconds and it’s confusing when Dorico unexpectedly “locks up” - for example you don’t know if an interaction with the UI failed, or if the program is going to process it eventually.

You’re right! Don’t know how I missed that!

I’d ask for a progress bar while Propagating, but since propagating is a temporary solution, it is probably not worthwhile to spend time adding additional programming to it.