visual hitpoint data on folded group track

just for the sake of making all my audio events, as mobile, and organized as it can be;

Is it possible for my hitpoint data,(for multiple tracks), that are folded in a group folder to be visible “on” the closed folder with all the other data? I have gone through the manual.I have gone throughout the “always show data” and “show event details” . and have gone through my audio events preference page.

Is the only way to see folded track audio hit points, is for the folder to open?
When a folder with multiple audio tracks is folded, i can see all the tracks and all the data, but the only way i am able to see the hit points is when the folder is open, and i see the hit points on the audio events them self.

if i am being dumb and missing something so simple… please call me dumb…and then help a brother out.

it seems its only visually available if right after you paste to new location. it would be nice if it was an option to have the hit points on a folded track visible at all times…