Visual indicators in the Ruler (Punch-in, Pre-roll and more)

For better visualisation of Transport behaviour settings, some colored indicators could be introduced to the Ruler:

Change color of the white Locator flags to visualize when Punch-in is active:

  • Left Locator flag red when Punch-in is active.
  • Right Locator flag red when Punch-out is active.

And new green colored flags in the Ruler for

  • Pre-roll position
  • Post-roll position
    if they are active (static if recording from Left Locator, but Pre-roll position would only be shown in Stop mode if recording from Cursor).

And a visual indicator in the Ruler for Record Start position: Left Locator or Cursor.
It could be a red dot or arrow or something at the actual position, shown only in Stop mode.

And, as in another Feature Request, when in Cycle mode the cycle range could change color, preferrably to the same color as the cycle button).

So it would look something like this:

  • Punch-in and Punch-out active (red locator flags).
  • Pre-roll and Post-roll active (green flags)
  • Record Start position = Left Locator (red arrow at picture 3, red dot if changed to picture 2, original at pic 1)
  • Cycle mode (cycle range in cycle button color).

+1 great ideas, I’m all for more visual highlighting especially with colours.



Great ideas - can I expand on one slightly…?

Make your green Pre/Post roll ‘region’ into another ‘cycle area’… as opposed to just between the L and R locators at present. Its like having another separate marker type of track, to accomodate these record/cycle options.


This brings me towards the suggestion that the L/R cycle markers should be separate to the punch In/Out markers… Although we have pre and post-roll, it would be more intuitive to be able to create a loop and then specify I/O punches inside the loop just when you choose to.

Oh, another suggestion that stems from that is then the Punch I/O markers are automatically set when you manually punch in and out - ready for being automatic if another take is needed.


Yes…! You’ve got it Mike… :wink:

Its a suggestion others have made/like too - lots of useful (workflow smarter) elements in one FR…! It really should come, one day… (DP and Harrison MixBuss have these, if you want to see it in action)


Absolutely. There is another new Feature Request for this here: [DONE!] Separate locator and punch in/out ranges! - Cubase - Steinberg Forums
and an older one here: Steinberg Forums

In the first thread, I also suggest an alternative approach which would be very easy to implement for Steinberg:
have an option to make pre-roll/post-roll loopable (now pre-roll/post-roll is only valid for first repetition) when recording from Left Locator.

It would have the same effect, but they don’t need to change anything else than to include the preroll/postroll in every loop repetition, if the user has chosen so. So preroll/postroll could then work as one outer loop range for playing with one inner loop range for punch-in recording.

And, in accordance with OP, there should be a visual indicator for this too. Maybe filling the pre/post range in the Ruler with a green line, a loop indicator, or something else.




thanks for linking my thread about this, let’s create some buzz!
However: Just to include the pre/post-roll in a loop wouldn’t be enough, since the adjustment of that is too inflexible and doesn’t support aligning the looped range with musically relevant positions, right?

So, both ranges need to be:

  • separately color coded locators,
  • support their active/inactive status with visual clues
  • need to be drag-able and “snap override”-enabled with CTRL key,
  • and record an adjustable head/tail for crossfading/editing

BTW, I wouldn’t have a problem with integrating the cycle marker functionality into this as well…



Yes, that would be very good too.

Also, pre/post-roll positions/indicators should be able to be set the same way as locators: clicking together with a modifier key: SHIFT+Click is available for setting Pre-roll and Post-roll positions.

(Pre or Post can be determined automatically: left of left locator (or cursor if that’s chosen) = pre-roll position, right of right locator = post-roll position.)

And when locators (or cursor if that’s chosen) are moved, also the pre/post-roll indicators need to be adjusted to new positions too (to maintain the same pre/post length). But there could also be an option to move locators (cursor) without moving pre/post-roll indicators (instead pre/post length are adjusted in the transport panel accordingly).

They should offer us a job at SB! :wink: