Visual Metronome

I find that when I do a lot of tempo changes, it becomes difficult to play along and quantizing is not as accurate.

If we we had a virtual conductor to look at, then this would be easier. Please consider this. Normally I end up having to temporarily turn off the tempo track. This is a hack. This is not ideal. A little sympathy for someone who does not make dance floor music?


Could I have used yesterday.
As a workaround I set the metronome to midi, connected it to a vsti and slapped a big VU meter behind it.

+1 for the OPs request and thanks for the workaround idea.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Would be happy if a visual metronome included polyrhythms.

+1 for a visual metronome option. I can see where this would be enormously useful at times.

I went looking for a 3rd party app and couldn’t find one that I liked. So I coded my own. :mrgreen:

Would love a built-in option of course.

Would like something like Polyrhythm 3D visual metronome.

Check blinker VST at