Visual Oddities in 2.11

Hello! I’m experiencing very strange text/asset scaling in the newest update. Text like the piano notes (C3, C4, etc.) and the entire “Projects” tab is much larger than expected. I’m running an iPad Pro 12.9” 4th Gen.
Projects tab -
Piano notes -

Will these UI issues be resolved in a soon-to-come update?

Thanks for reporting these UI oddities!
Let’s make this a collection thread for all kinds of UI glitches in Music Studio 2.11.

The cause is that we had to rewrite the UI coordinate code in order to scale correctly on all possible iPhone and iPad screen sizes and resolutions.
This has the advantage that Music Studio finally fills the screen on all devices, but of course after such a big change UI glitches can happen on some devices. We tried to iron out as many as possible, and plan to address the remaining ones in a future update.

I’m seeing the same thing on my iPadPro (12.9”) 2nd gen. it almost looks as though the app was formatted for a smaller screen and then scaled up (sort of like how an iPhone-only app looks when you run it on the iPad, only not that extreme). Version 2.10 didn’t look like this, and I’m really hoping it can be fixed in the next update, because other than the new drum kits (which I was more than happy to pay for!), the previous version looked and worked better than this one (there are numerous functionality bugs, which I will post to the appropriate thread(s).

C. Scott Davis

some oddities but soooo happy to have the app back i am so thankful for it thank you

Music Studio 2.11.1 which resolves these oddities has just been released :slight_smile: