Visual setting

Hi Guys!
Just upgraded from Cubase Elements 12 to Artist 13.
Is there anyway to set the top list to a more laydback contrast as all the other working space? I have some problem with my eyes.
Many thanks for any tips!



Not really.
You can try and change colours which helps a bit by going to settings > User Interface > Color Schemes > clicking on the squared icon next to ‘Custom COlor Scheme’. I’m using the second option from ‘Default Colors’ but you can tweak it.
Cubase 12 was easier for the eyes but 13 is what a lot of people want: everything to be 100% flat and look the same.

Your video card may have software to help with this. I have an AMD card and have used the software with which it comes to set up profiles to adjust the brightness/contrast for various programs I use.