Visually impaired music producers

Hello. Are there any visually impaired music producers around here? If so, then I need some help from you.

Let me explain:

For the past 10 year’s I’ve been working teaching sequencing in a local Institute here in my country, Perú. We use Cubase as our main software. This semester we have a student who has very bad vision. He can find his way around places, but when it come to interacting with the computer he is practically blind. He doesn’t use the computer very much and has a very hard time trying to recognize icons, typing using the keyboard… you get the idea. We need to make some adaptations for him, starting with the size and resolution of our screens and activating the accesibility options in Windows (the OS we use). Can you give me some advise onthis subject? Like any software or hardware we can use to make him easier to use the software? He wants to learn, it’s just that the standard equipment and procedures are useless for him.

Thank you guys.

Hi and welcome,

I have an experience with sound engineers working in Cubase, both of them are using Mac systems, because of VoiceOver integration, which allows you to an audible feedback of lots of objects.

In general, I would recommend to use as much HW controller(s) as possible.

I remember with one blind user, we have discussed the Preferences > Transport > Scrub settings. He needed to enable Use Inserts While Scrubbing for his way of working. Also thing about Preferences > Transport > Return to Start Position on Stop (what is enabled by default in Nuendo and disabled in Cubase). It depends on the way of working, but it helps in some cases a lot.