VLC-player I can hear sound / With Cubase no sound. What do I have to adjust?

Hi everybody,

if I play a video on youtube or play a MP3-file with VLC-player I can hear the sound from my laptop-speakers

If I import an MP3-file into cubase
and start “play” I can see the visualisation of how the level goes up and down with the rythm of the music and I can se the cursor move along the timeline but I can’t hear any sound???
So what do I have to adjust to make the sound play from the inbuilt speakers of my laptop?

Is cubase too arrogant to play from these small speakers???

The onboard audio doesn’t have asio drivers. These are usually cheap audio interfaces. Not what he use for decent music making. However you should probably check out asio4all which will then show up in Cubase to select. It will probably work then.

Hi mkok,
thank you for answering.

I am a totally newcomer about cubase asio4all or whatever special terms. So how do I "check out asio4all ???

best regards Stefan

Search asio4all on google. Download it and install. It is not a steinberg driver. It is a driver that people use for onboard interfaces. Most user have an external audio interface with there own asio drivers