VMX files / Track Presets / Track Archives

What changes have been made for Nuendo 6 from a practical standpoint?

People seem to think that .vmx aren’t supported and that we can no longer import/export data that tells a track it’s i/o routing for example…

Providing it’s replaced with something akin to Import Session Data, it’s fine with me. However, if the feature has just been removed, and not replaced with something better, it would mean that N6 is more of a downgrade than an upgrade.


I can’t agree more. That needs to be improved.


+1 here.


And another +1, from somebody doing professional film/tv.


the Nuendo 6 release won’t be affected by that. It will contain the track
preset/archive functionality as known from previous Nuendo versions.


Thanks Timo.

Well that is good news. Thanks.

Thanks Timo

Excellent! I’m glad to learn that.