Vocal Booth Question


I have my studio set up in my basement. I am in the process of converting a downstairs medium sized closet into a vocal booth.

Is there any way to control my CuBase from inside the vocal booth? Just to clarify for the most part I will be recording vocalists and therefore will be the guy running the CuBase, using the talkback etc… However occasionally I record on my own and lay down my own vocals. Usually I would just put on headphones and sing in my room and then stop the track, hit record etc…since I was right there. If I want to use the vocal booth is there anyway to control whats going on without having to come out of the vocal booth everytime i screw up and want to do a new take.

I thought about putting another monitor in there and carry in my wireless keyboard but I already use 2 monitors on my console and only have 2 inputs on my PC for monitors.

Any suggestions or am I better off just getting out of ther box every time I want to do a new take etc…lol.

Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.


Mike Pelle

I wouldn’t bother to install monitor/keyboard setup to vocal booth. Simple remote controller should be enough. I’m using Frontier Tranzport (Frontier Design Group … unfortunately, it’s not produced anymore, but you may find second-hand examples). But basically any MIDI-controller can do the (more or less) the same. Just decide, if you want it to be wireless or not and do some research:

  1. Wireless: best bet could be one of those MIDI remote controller softwares for iPad (or any other tablet PC)
  2. Wired: any device capable of sending MIDI can do the job, since you can use Cubase’s General Remote device to program the functions you want to use. (Korg nanoKONTROL may be the cheapest one available)

One of these might work …


If all you are trying to accomplish is being able to stop a bad take and start over, just hit stop → stop again to return to previous start position → “Undo Record” assigned to a user defined button. Press record and you’re on take two. No need to see a monitor for such a simple task, I wouldn’t think.

I might have to buy one myself.

Indeed! And it’s not even an expensive one. It could be my choise, if I didn’t already have my Tranzport AND if I didn’t prefer the wireless solution (being able to move my controller to different rooms).

Anyone any experience with the latency of wireless headphones? There’s got to be at least some.

Why? Electromagnetic signal travels about as fast through the air as it travels through the wire. If the signal is analog, no additional latency introduced. If it’s digital, there may be some minimal latency introduced by en/de-coding and A/D/A conversion, but that’s neglible.

I’m not a big fan of wireless headphones for studio use, but for a vocal cue they should suffice. I personally have wired a remote mini mixer (Soundcraft Compact 4) which has Phantom power for the mics, and headphone jacks which allows me to locally adjust the mix between playback and record signals.
I use a (cherry) numeric keypad for remote control of cubase transport/recording The one I use is in fact USB, i.e. wired, however a bluetooth or wireless keypad controller will also work.
As for visual, I can see the monitors from where I record. If you have no window, then set up a small wireless CCTV.

I know what you mean with the headphone cables - they drive me up the wall, always getting in the way, caught up, trodden on, etc. Although you can’t see it properly on the pic I posted earlier, I have my headphone cable routed over an arm (like a table lamp arm - the keypad is also on one) this way the cable always comes from above and rarely gets in the way.

Why don’t you just put it on loop record and comp the best vocal after doing 20 or 30 takes…don’t need to come out of the booth at all…Kevin