Vocal Comping - how to make double vocals?


i totally love the whole comping thing in cubase. I like the lanes, I like the trackversions, etc…
But I have always been wondering if there is a simple way to build “doubled vocals” out of the recorded pieces which are not part of my main vocal line?
There is this Audio / Advanced / Delete Overlaps - feature, which is really awesome… I comp my perfect vocal take and then use this feature to clean everything up.
BUT, it would be MUCH MORE AWESOME if there was a way to not delete the overlaps but to just cut them and be able to paste them onto another audio track or something, so I can use those unused vocal pieces to build another (double) vocal track out of it.

Is there any way to do this real quick?

Of coure I could for example do my comping and when I’m finished, I’ll make a new trackversion (duplicate) and then delete every main vocal event piece.

BUT: Is there a simple way to only select events which are “in the foreground” so I can delete them? Or a way to only select the events that are behind the main-comped-events and cut them out… hard for me to describe in english :smiley:

I hope someone can help me further on this topic :smiley:
BIG THANKS in advance!!!


You can delete the upper events but you’ll have to select them all individually. May work better in lane view.

Well, while you’re at it (clicking each snippet), you can just click each element of the main track with the comp tool to bring the next one to the front and go from there.

Thanks for your answer!

Well, it looks like this is the way to go…

@Steinberg: i think some kind of “create-new-track-from-hidden/not-active-events”-feature would be quite awesome :slight_smile:

Oh yes, this should be implemented!

Hi, not an expert tip, but maybe an idea (nocht verified):

Could you create a macro? Something like: Duplicate track; delete active Events.

This is really just a vague idea. But maybe it helps.

cheers, Ernst

What I do is I have a second track (same plugs as the first), and choose the second best bits for the double track. Fast enough for me. You have to be in lane view, obviously. I love doubling my vocals.

Duplicate the track and slightly detune the copy with VariAudio (or Melodyne, if you use the latter.) Pretty quick. Sure, not perfect, but if it’s in the background, it’s probably good enough.

I am not sure I understand your question, but there is an easier way to do this. If you have vocals in the same tracks, in several lanes, you select one lane, right click on it, and select Create Track from Lanes. I do that all the time when I find two or more lanes that are well recorded and want to duplicate the track (vocals and guitars, mostly). Yo don’t need to duplicate the whole track, just the lanes you like.

Thanks for all the answers… love to see that different people have got different workflows and ways to do certain things…

Well, I’m taking the best pieces out of every lane to build my perfect main vocal track with the help of the comping tool. When I’m finished I’d like to start the whole process of comping again (on another track) with the same pieces of events except for those ones that I’ve already used for my main vocals :wink:

I asked for this some time ago. Someone suggested I write a macro, but I couldn’t get it to work right. I ended up just selecting all clips I wanted and dragging to a new track. This way I wouldn’t use the same clips for the doubled vox track.

(Bit late, I know, but I’ve been away)

Another way similar to this but perhaps slightly quicker to set up and more controllable is to send your vocal to an FX channel with PitchCorrect inserted. Not quite the same as running two takes side-by-side but it fattens things up nicely.