Vocal Condensing (specific help)

Hey all,

So - thought I’d give condensing another go, and… Ok, I can’t begin to understand how I ended up with this:

from this:

How have the lyrics ended up like that? Why is only the translation on one line? Why is unis. being declared all over the place?

Is… is it me? Is it Dorico? Is this something for 4.0?


TBH, for choral works, I wouldn’t use Condensing at all. I would use Divisi instead. There are still some issues with Condensing and vocal lines, I believe – and this could be one.

You can achieve any number of divided Sopranos, or a Unison line that way, using the Divisi labels to indicate what’s going on. And you can even hide all staves except Soprano and Bass, if you want to have a bit in short score.

The benefits of Condensing are when you need separate instrumental parts for a single score line. It’s not like you’re going to need individual vocal part layouts… is it…? :astonished:

Plus, singers usually get confused by frequent score changes, bless 'em.

Ah ok - I’ll look into divisi again. Last time I wrestled with this problem in Dorico I thought divisi would be the way forward but it didn’t act as I thought it would. I’ll give it another go.

Divisi is pretty complete. As said, you can use it in conjunction with Staff Hiding. And you can use the Divisi labels to label the staves effectively.

I try to keep changes to a minimum. You can also use a second voice on one staff if the music is homo-rhythmic for a few bars.

Life. Changing.